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Amtrax Contract Storage Billing System


A user friendly, Windows-based inventory control system for contract storage operators.

AMTRAX STORE is a simple to use storage system, to control customers' stock by recording all inwards and outwards transactions. As running balances of products are maintained, weekly, fortnightly or monthly invoices for storage charges, devanning charges, handling charges, and delivery charges are able to automatically generated.

The format has been determined after listening closely to the needs of " hands on " Operations Managers, rather than Head Office accountants or other administration personnel, thus the program is specifically designed to be practical, and simple to use.

Main Features
Application Areas
Training and Support

Main Features

Product Detail File, to record specific details such as the m 3 or kg conversion, storage type (carton, pallet, kg, m 3 ), picking rate, and product category.

Supplier/Customer file, holding details of different storage rates for each product type, devanning rates and delivery charges.

Delivery type file, allowing a matrix to be set up to cater for a wide variety of delivery schedules. (Full Version)


AMTRAX STORE was written after a customer requested an analysis of available programs. Unable to recommend any of the existing programs, Amtrax decided the only way to meet the customer's requirements was to write the program themselves.

Application Areas

Any Contract Storage operation can be controlled by AMTRAX STORE , although being a PC based system, it is ideal for the medium sized operator (up to 50,000 product lines), but can also handle larger operations when used in a networked multi user environment such as Terminal Services or Citrix.

AMTRAX STORE is flexible enough to calculate storage costs no matter what method of charging is used, for example where the storage charges are based on the highest product count in stock per week.


  • Automated billing process.
  • More accurate determination of charges.
  • Substantially reduced paperwork.
  • Picking List generation. After entering incoming supplier orders for delivery, the system will consolidate picking requirements to improve picking efficiency.
  • Delivery Manifests. Stock picking can be sorted by a number of options, such as by delivery route, or by individual delivery point.
  • Audit trails. All transactions can easily be traced in order to satisfy supplier/customer requirements when they don't believe the stock reports.
  • Stock availability validation ensures orders are not processed if product is not available.
  • Simple, intuitive program ensures that there is no need for extensive staff training, or reference to complicated manuals.
  • Product Re-order report – makes your customer dependent on you to tell them how much stock to re-order.
  • Transaction viewing facility provides a fast, simple method to track down specific stock movements to satisfy queries.
  • Reprint facilities allow any invoice or inwards/outwards dockets to be re-created.
  • Quarantined/Detained function ensures these products are still accounted for, and charged for.
  • More efficient storage operation.
  • Improved store space utilisation.
  • Optimisation of stock levels.
  • Wide variety of product reports.
  • Customer specific reports.

Training and Support

Amtrax are committed to thorough training with implementation undertaken by experienced staff familiar with both the system and with transport and storage operations in general.

An Annual Maintenance and Support option provides prompt, reliable support, and ensures your system is upgraded regularly with additional features and improvements.


Entry Level Version: $3500
Advanced Version: $5000 
Specific Modifications: POA
Optional 12 month maintenance and support contract: POA
Above prices exclude GST

AMTRAX STORE is available in New Zealand and Australia from:
Amtrax Ltd
P O Box 82 095
Highland Park
Auckland 2143

Phone +64 9 263 4500
Email amtrax@amtrax.co.nz

To purchase products: email Amtrax or telephone 64 9 263 4500

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